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Moxie CBD Vape Pod Cartridge | 7 Flavours | 250mg Per Pod are the new way to vape CBD in an easy, hassle free way. These Jul like snap on magnetic CBD darts are far removed from the hassle of filling and replacing coils you would usually associate with vaping. They are part of the Moxie dart system that does not use buttons or settings, instead you just snap on one of these vape pods and use till empty and then throw away and replace, either with the same flavour or a new one from the 8 great tasting CBD vape pods available.

The pods are flavoured naturally for the best overall cbd vape experience and the end product is incredibly sleek and discreet looking just like a traditional Jul pod for nicotine use. User on the go, anywhere you can vape and it will not draw any attention to you or your ingestion of CBD e liquids. All the Moxie CBD cart Pods for sale are batch and lab tested to ensure all levels are legal and safe for sale to the public. The careful testing is carried out on every product as it ensures quality in all the ingredients used. You can find all the Moxie Dart CBD certificates here.

A natural and non psychoactive vape product, it does not contain any THC or Nicotine and is the perfect way to vape CBD with no hassle or fuss or mess. You just attach these pod units to the Moxie CBD Pod System found here.

Why use the Moxie Dart Pod System to Vape CBD? The Moxie Dart  Pod vaporization system uses smart c-cell technology which supplies a high grade taste, improved vape production and longer lasting battery life and usage. It is easy to use with no buttons or settings to hassle with, the magnetic refill pods snap onto the dart and then to activate just start inhaling nice, long pulls (around 5-8 seconds) for an optimized flavour and vapour production unlike traditional vape pens.

Compared to the rest of the CBD Vape market, Moxie have one of the highest concentrations of CBD (~50%/250mg per pod), and are one of the few ones available with all-natural flavouring, and they are the only manufacturer offering the oil in the vastly improved vape system that is the Moxie Dart. Every batch will come with a COA from a 3rd party testing lab, batch identifier, bar code and 16 CFR 1700.1 Certified Child-Resistant Packaging for user peace of mind.

Flavours available: Granddaddy Purple, Melonwreck,  Blood Orange, Blackberry, Sour Apple, Mango, Peppermint & Lime Cuties.

  • Moxie CBD Vape Pod Cartridges | 7 Flavours | 250mg Per Pod
  • Made By Moxie Cannabis Seeds company
  • For use with the Moxie Dart System – This is the Refill only
  • Buy Moxie Dart System Here
  • Flavours Include 8 great Tasting Options
  • Non Medical CBD Product – Recreation Only
  • Brand: Moxie
  • Material: Plastic
  • Width: 2.8cm
  • Height: 3.5cm
  • Vape Type: Portable Pod System Refill
  • Use: Vape Only
  • CBD %: 2.5% (250mg)
  • Volume: 0.5g
  • CBD Content: Volume approximately 50%.
  • Magnetic Pod – Only to be used with Moxie Dart Battery
  • Free UK Tracked Royal Mail Delivery
  • Price:£34.99

Moxie CatridgesMoxie CatridgesMoxie Catridges