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Honeycomb carts Clear gives you a first hand-look through their Instagram on exactly how the product is made. Not only do these give really intense long-lasting highs, but they taste amazing. Even down to the last drop, there is no brass taste like with other oils. HONEYCOMB CLEAR(Min Order 15 ), They have so many flavors I can’t pick one, but if I had to recommend one I would say get the Super Sour Diesel. It tastes like fruity pebbles and its effects last about 1 to 2 hours per a couple of pulls. I’ve recently started taking pictures for honeycombclear, a company that specializes in THC distillate at levels around 80% THC. Their product is phenomenal, and this is the blue dream cartridge, but they have many more.! Are you looking for the latest in epoxy flooring technology? This is a high solid epoxy flooring that works with chemical reactions to make a design like never seen before.  This is the Honeycomb Basecoat With Honeycomb Effects. This industrial grade solvent-based epoxy is used for a longer lasting, more durable garage floor coating. This floor coating has a higher solids count than most solvent-based epoxies and is much more durable than the water-based epoxies you’ll find at most stores


Honeycomb Clear CartsHoneycomb Clear CartsHoneycomb Clear Carts