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How to Choose Quality Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis strains are like fingerprints or snowflakes. Each one has its own design or its own chemical ratios that make it unique

Cannabis strains are like fingerprints or snowflakes. Each one has its own design or its own chemical ratios that make it unique and create effects that act synergistically with a person’s body chemistry. Potency is determined by these synergistic effects as well as tolerance level, but quality is a completely different analysis. You can have quality buds that aren’t potent in your system, and vice versa – buds that are extremely potent but low in quality. Keep this difference in mind as we discuss the 5 factors that create quality buds and the essential aspects of cannabis flower you should be looking for when deciding to purchase flower from a dispensary. The first quality indicator is color. Many top-shelf flowers tend to be robust in color because they are bred specifically for these attributes,  the second indicator is trichome visibility. Your cannabis strain should have an evident dusting of trichome crystals layered on top of it. This is where most of the cannabinoids reside in the plant, especially THC and CBD, the third thing to look for when choosing quality flower is the condition of the buds themselves. Regardless of whether they’re cone-shaped, look like long cylinders, or are fat and clumpy, quality cannabis buds will lack stems and seeds, have very few leaves, and be composed mostly of the flower itself. Next, is smell. High-grade cannabis should have a strong and distinct scent. The better the grade, the harder it is to hide the odor. This strong scent is attributed to the organic compounds called terpenes which are present in all plants and especially cannabis. 

Finally, the last thing you need to look for in quality buds is flavor. The better the quality, the more distinct the taste. Some can be pleasant, having hints of citrus or spice. Others may have a strong but less pleasant taste such as diesel – or dare I say, ‘cat piss’ as some strains have been labeled.  .

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